Thour_missionrough a strict sense of professionalism our agency aims at becoming a contributing factor to the promotion of the game. An explicitly defined philosophy is reflected with consistency on each and every step of our actions.

Prompt communication based on honesty, integrity and credibility is the trade mark of our agency. We aspire long term relationships with clubs, players and coaches and we see no other way to achieve that but via a straightforward approach from the very first moment. Constant contact with both our players and their teams is a routine task for us in order to ensure that our players play up to their potential thus making a significant contribution to their teams’ goals.

Out of deep respect to each team’s finances we take pride in having the teams feel that by signing one of the players made an investment well worth it. That is why we, at our agency, choose to only represent players who combine skills with extraordinary attitude.

Extensive knowledge of the European basketball scene allows us to assist our players in settings where chances of success are maximized. Rookies can feel confident that our agency will assist them to an environment where they could disclose their talent and initiate a successful career. More experienced players should feel safe to know that our agency has scrutinized their next team in order to assure a step forward to their career.